grüvy cities

Equitable Access

We believe everybody should be able to get their grüv on! Grüv is committed to transportation equity, and we have developed the grüv Access Pass program to allow individuals from under served communities to ride grüv scooters at a significantly reduced rate.


1. grüv Access Pass

30 minutes of riding time every day for just $5 per month.

Who qualifies:

• Aged 18 or older

• Currently enrolled in SNAP or Medicaid

• Current participant in your local transit agency’s reduced fare program

How to apply:

• Email proof of qualification for any of the above

programs along with ID to

• Upon verification, a grüv team member will respond with next steps.


2. Access for the unbanked

Users can buy ‘pre-paid cards’ (netspend, greendot, or other) at a CVS or 7-11 with a specific cash balance. Create a grüv account first, then use the prepaid card to load up credit on their account as with a normal credit card. When funds are low, users can reload their prepaid card and add funds to their gruv wallet. Please contact us at to learn more.


3. For access without a smartphone, you must call our customer support line at 877-253-8787 to create an account. Once you have done that, you can use a cell phone or pay phone to call the same number to locate units near you. One of our team members will reserve the unit for you and unlock it for your ride. Once you end the ride, you must call 877-253-8787 to have one of our team members end the ride.